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fairly successful political solidarity during the past
two decades, whatever else it has done or failed
to do.
Now let us help Mr Streit to convert his
" federation " from a noble but extremely rhetori-
cal aspiration into a living reality. He is aware
that this must be done at a price, but I want to
suggest that that price is, from what I judge to
be his point of view, far greater, and the change
much simpler, more general and possibly even
closer at hand, than he supposes. He is disposed
to appeal to existing administrative organisations,
and it is questionable whether they are the right
people to execute his designs. One of the
difficulties he glosses over is the possible reluct-
ance of the India Office to hand over the control
of India (Ceylon and Burma he does not men-
tion) to the new Federal Government, which
would also, I presume, take charge of the fairly
well governed and happy fifty-odd million people
of the Dutch East Indies, the French colonial
empire, the West Indies and so on. This, unless
he proposes merely to reK;hristen the India
Office, etc., is asking for an immense outbreak of
honesty and competence on the part of the
new Federal officialdom. It is also treating
the possible contribution of these five or six
hundred million of dusky peoples to the new